Eastern Idaho Technical College
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Each semester an advising day is held where faculty advisors meet with students from their
program to check their progress toward degrees and to plan future courses. Students are
reminded about advising and advising day through an email from the registrar’s office with
sufficient notice to make appointments with their program-advisor.
Other EITC offices supplement the advising process – specifically, counselors from the
admission’s office,
counselors from the Center for New Directions and the Bridges program.
Primary advising lies with the program advisor, but the other offices are helpful to students
with special concerns.
2.D.11 Co-curricular Activities
Co-curricular Activities are consistent with EITC’s mission, core themes, programs and services.
They are primarily offered through the Student Senate, Student Services, the Tutoring Center,
program-related clubs, and the EITC Foundation. Table 12 demonstrates how co-curricular
activities support core themes.
Table 12: Co-curricular Activities Support Core Themes
Core Themes
Co-Curricular Activities
Student leadership programs and clubs which foster
active involvement in nurturing professional goals and
outcomes; free noon workshops focused on student
success skills from academic skills to job-seeking skills
Foundation and Student Senate collaborated on giving
back to the College community via a spring campus
clean-up. The Health Professions division sponsored a
blood drive and health fair open to the community.
Student Senate also puts on events such as “Pedro’s
Pasta Push” to benefit the Idaho Falls Food Bank, and
“Cans for Climbing” to benefit the local YMCA. Student
Senate also sponsors a “Trunk or Treat” Halloween
activity for local children in the community.
Student senate activities encourage student leaders
and volunteers to be accountable for their roles and
responsibilities. Various clubs on campus sponsored
raffles to benefit club activities.
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