Eastern Idaho Technical College
page 81
Core Themes
Co-Curricular Activities
Program clubs, including DECA, BPA Office
Professionals, RN Nursing Association, Medical
Assisting Club, EITC Legal Student Association, VICA
(Mechanical Trades), and EITC Computer Club actively
compete at state, regional, and national competitions
and provide a great way for students to share their
knowledge and skills with one another.
2.D.12 Auxiliary Services
Eastern Idaho Technical College operates a full-time student bookstore. The College bookstore
works with administration and faculty alike to ensure that all students are able to purchase the
requisite materials for each and every course offered on campus. The bookstore provides the
following to the college community:
New and used textbooks
Limited general merchandise, such as caps, sweatshirts, t-shirts, and scrubs.
Textbook buy-backs
Book Rentals
Agency/Scholarship charging
Food Services are adequate to the needs of the college and are contracted through an
independent food service operator. The cafeteria is a pleasant, large space, which is open from
7:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m., serving breakfast and lunch. It is also a multi-purpose area used for a
variety of activities, from faculty council meetings; to student success workshops; to seating, in
inclement weather, for the twice yearly barbeques sponsored by the student senate. Many
students use it as a study area in lieu of the library and it is also a gathering place for those who
want to watch sports or news on the big-screen T.V. Vending machines provide sustenance for
students and campus employees during off hours.
2.D.13 Intercollegiate Athletics
Eastern Idaho Technical College does not offer any intercollegiate athletic or similar co-
curricular programs.
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