Eastern Idaho Technical College
page 85
Standard 2.E Library and Information Resources
2.E.1 Appropriate and Sufficient Library Resources
Eastern Idaho Technical College’s library resources are consistent with EITC’s mission and core
themes of being supportive, accountable, and a place of learning for the college community.
The library has an ongoing goal to provide students, faculty, and the college’s varying programs
with information that has both currency and depth. For example, when the Idaho Commission
for Libraries purchased access to Ebscohost for all libraries in the state, the EITC library
expanded its databases to aid specific programs including the expanded, full text version of
CINAHL (Cumulative Index to Nursing and Allied Health Literature) for students in the medical
programs. The library also recently purchased Westlaw, a database that would specifically serve
the legal program, and Shopkey, a database that would specifically serve the automotive and
diesel programs. Students and college employees can access the databases from home with a
password provided by the library. As a member of the Library Consortium of Eastern Idaho,
EITC shares an integrated library system, which gives the College access to library materials
throughout the region, including e-books.
In addition, the library takes part in standard programs such as Inter-library Loan and Worldcat
(an international version of inter-library loan). The currency and variety of the library’s
collection is suggested by the fact that the library receives as many requests from Inter-library
Loan as it sends out.
The library is often used as a testing center for national certification
(VUE and Prometric testing
by computer networking students, and there have been several occasions when
librarians have been asked to proctor exams both for EITC’s students and for the community.
EITC’s library also has a current and varied periodical collection, and many of the magazines and
journals in this collection have been purchased specifically because of requests from faculty and
students. In addition, the library has created a fiction collection that includes a variety of
classics and best sellers and has a small e-book collection that has been accrued specifically to
serve the college’s varying programs. In response to a number of faculty who are working on
advanced degrees and to support excellent teaching methodologies and assessment, the library
also maintains a professional development collection that is regularly used by faculty.
2.E.2 Library Planning
Planning for library and information resources is guided by data that include feedback from
affected users and appropriate library and information resources faculty, staff, and
EITC’s librarians have begun to survey faculty every semester to receive feedback concerning
the specific needs of programs and students. Each semester, when students evaluate courses,
they are also asked to evaluate the library. The most recent survey, which included 122
students, showed that 42% of these students use the library 3-5 times a week while 26% use it
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