Eastern Idaho Technical College
page 87
2.E.4 Library Resources, Evaluation and Protection
Through regular communication with its constituencies, both external (surveys), collaborative
(consortium), and internal knowledge and professional skills, the library is able to successfully
evaluate the quality, adequacy, utilization and security of its resources and services.
To ensure the collection is kept current, the library has developed a vigorous “weeding”
program. This program evaluates the entire collection for timeliness and accuracy. While the
entire collection is evaluated every ten years, the holdings specific to curriculum needs are
examined every five years. Because the library does not aspire to have an historical collection,
we try to limit the age of curriculum holdings to 10 to 25 years. This constant evaluation helps
determine “holes” in the collection and helps the staff know the collection so that they can
more effectively aid the students and more accurately recommend titles for purchase.
The network and system infrastructure at EITC, including those that support the library, are
secured with a layered defense in depth cyber security strategy. The IT Division takes the
security of the systems and network very seriously and utilizes a combination of hardened edge
devices, de-militarized zones, firewalls, intrusion protection and detection systems, change
control software, physical and logical access controls, host level firewalls and malware
protection software. In addition, externally facing systems are scanned every day by McAfee
Secure Scan to ensure another layer of security. This combination provides an excellent level of
security for the campus and our library.
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