Eastern Idaho Technical College
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replacement, and for new technologies or program growth, acquisition of new equipment.
Instructional programs maintain a list of equipment needs for replacement and new
technologies. These lists are provided to Division Managers for use in planning for acquisition
should capital equipment funds become available.
Examples of equipment recently purchased include replacement beds for the Certified Nursing
Assistant (CNA) program, wheel alignment equipment for the Mechanical Trades program,
plasma cutting machine for the Welding program, and instrument kits for the Surgical
Technology program. The college’s consolidated capital equipment requirements list also
includes non-instructional equipment such as information technology systems and
maintenance equipment.
Historically the college has constructed a new building about every 10-12 years, but this has
been driven by program demand and not expansion of the college. As previously stated, the
college has no bonding authority nor authority of any other type to incur major long term
2.F.6 Auxiliary Enterprises
The only auxiliary enterprise at EITC is the bookstore. The cafeteria is independently contracted
and operated and not an auxiliary enterprise. General operations funds historically have not
been used to support the bookstore. Rather, bookstore profits have augmented the college’s
general fund. Bookstore profits have declined over the past several years due to declining
enrollment, emergence of on-line and electronic book purchases, and the development of
alternative retail enterprises in close proximity to the campus (i.e., Grand Teton Mall and
Walmart). It is anticipated that within the next few years the bookstore function will evolve
from a profit center into a service center, where bookstore staff assist students in finding
lowest costs for books and any sales will be used to partially defray the cost of service.
2.F.7 External Financial Audit
EITC is audited annually by an external company contracted by the State Board of Education.
Findings are reviewed and corrective action is comprehensively planned and executed. EITC
follows the fiscal year established by the State of Idaho, which begins on July 1 and ends on
June 30. Comprehensive annual financial reports are typically required by the State Controller’s
Office no later than the last Friday in September. EITC meets these timeline requirements.
2.F.8 Fundraising
EITC does not raise funds. Fundraising is accomplished by the EITC Foundation, an Idaho
incorporated non-profit 501 (c)(3), with which EITC has a formal, written operating agreement
approved by the State Board of Education.
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