Eastern Idaho Technical College
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Standard 2.G Physical and Technological Infrastructure
Physical Infrastructure
2.G.1 Physical Infrastructure
The maintenance foreman and the maintenance technicians focus on issues related to safety
first as they work to manage and maintain facilities consistent with the EITC mission. Regular
inspections of facilities are conducted by maintenance and custodial staff (e.g. fire extinguisher
checks, stocking of first aid kits and material condition of AED’s) to ensure a safe and productive
environment Eastern Idaho Technical College (EITC) pays particular attention to its physical
facilities across the campus. . In addition, reviews of security reports and incident reports
often are the first means of discovering items that need immediate attention. The
Maintenance Foreman is involved in the monthly review of safety and security issues on
campus with the contract security lead, college Purchasing Manager and the VP of Finance and
Administration. Maintenance and custodial crews also provide a representative to the Safety
and Emergency Response Committee established by the President. Finally, the State of Idaho
Division of Building Safety performs an annual safety inspection of facilities on the campus.
Maintenance and custodial staff, as well as the campus administration, work closely with the
Disabilities Coordinator to ensure accessibility in physical facilities. Recent considerations
include areas of refuge during building evacuation and accessibility as the campus moves to an
electronic door-lock system.
Administration has taken on an evaluation of room utilization to ensure appropriate use of
facilities and to determine the adequateness of existing classroom, laboratory, and staff space.
Resource utilization is highlighted by measures in the campus Core Themes (see Accountable,
Goal C in Appendix 2.G). The VP of Finance and Administration makes space assignments for
staff members (e.g. office space) while the VP of Instruction and Student Services oversees
classroom assignments. Both are involved with decisions on space utilization and design
concepts to address the needs of the professional and instructional environments on the
2.G.2 Hazardous and Toxic Waste Materials
Each department is responsible for identifying and securing hazardous or toxic materials within
their respective areas. The facilities group ensures proper storage lockers are provided where
needed and helps coordinate disposal of materials as necessary. Each area containing
hazardous or toxic materials maintains a current MSDS binder as applicable under appropriate
state and federal regulations.
EITC has a Chemical Hygiene Plan, which is provided on Evaluator jump drives, that provides the
basis for obtaining, maintaining, and disposing of hazardous and toxic material specifically
associated with chemistry laboratories. The Health care programs contract with an outside
company to dispose of hazardous and toxic waste.
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