Eastern Idaho Technical College
page 94
2.G.3 Master Campus Facilities Plan
EITC maintains a long-range master plan for campus development which is annually evaluated
and, if necessary, revised to meet changing requirements; it is consistent with our core themes,
thereby enhancing our progress toward mission fulfillment. Decisions about future facilities are
based on operational and instructional needs and planning. As each budget cycle approaches,
EITC reviews immediate needs and master plan considerations in order to make project
proposals to the State Division of Public Works. These proposals, along with the long range
strategic plan (see jump drive), are also submitted to the State Board of Education for review
and approval.
2.G.4 Equipment
Physical and technological equipment is reviewed annually for lifecycle management and
potential replacement. Ongoing maintenance is handled via a help desk ticket system that
allows tracking and response to identified issues.
The VP of Finance and Administration distributes an annual request for departments and
divisions to identify their capital needs. This information is then reviewed by the President’s
Administrative Council for potential inclusion in State of Idaho projects or local funding.
Foundation grants are available. This year the legal and office programs were able to purchase
a new computer, software, etc. with a Foundation grant to support hybrid class development.
The Foundation also purchased a 2010 diesel truck that offer digital programs to improve our
student’s skill when they leave the program.
Technological Infrastructure
2.G.5 Technology Systems and Infrastructure
Information Technology (IT) plays a key role in matching technology to the needs of the
campus. IT serves as an ad hoc member of the Instructional Advisory Council and works closely
with the President’s Advisory Council on items related to IT systems, infrastructure, and future
needs. The campus has made a concerted effort to maintain adequate technological resources
across the campus community. Campus technology and technology support is a regular item of
discussion during the President’s Advisory Council meeting.
Recently, EITC entered an agreement with the Idaho Digital Learning Academy (IDLA) to receive
pre-built training materials related to the Blackboard Learning Management System. Though
the college has had access to Blackboard for some time, this statewide contract allows EITC to
use the full functionality of Blackboard at a significantly reduced cost per annum.
An additional effort to support student learning happened two years ago when EITC made the
decision to support the software needs of students through Software as a Service model. Local
funds and resources were dedicated to develop, build and implement what is now known as
EduCloud. This system allows registered students to access their network drive and any
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