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Another statewide meeting attended by general education faculty is the Writing Program
Administrators (WPA) annual meeting. This committee has worked on establishing best
practices for curriculum and classroom methodologies. In summer of 2014, the group got
together to contribute ideas to a website designed to addres
Other statewide committees and participants include:
Direct Admissions Committee – Student Services Counselor
The Idaho Association of Recruiters, Registrars and Admissions – College Registrar
Common Online Application for Idaho committee and Web Portal Meetings for the project – College Registrar
Transition Coordinator: Transition Coordinators throughout the state work together
to create as many pathways as possible for high school students to advance their
professional technical skills and knowledge. Students taking Technical Competency
credits have the added benefit of no additional cost to the student until the decision
has been made within defined timeframes to purchase the high schools Technical
Competency credits that have been identified as being time and money savers to the
student at the college of their choice. At that time, the credits are purchased at a
substantial savings to the student. Statewide initiatives are being implemented
based on the 2015-2020 PTE Strategic Plan to align curriculum that will increase the
transferability of Technical Competency credits to more postsecondary institutions
and programs therefore accomplishing a more seamless transition from high school
to postsecondary education.
Idaho College Community – Assessment (4A)
EITC has met all benchmarks for participation in SBOE statewide initiatives such as
Complete College Idaho, general education reform, and GEM stamping. General education
reform is now in the continuous improvement mode. Core committee members meet twice
a year to allow participants to assess and amend processes that need improvement.
Fall 2016 the state will begin assessing whether GEM stamping is fulfilling its intention and
is helpful to parents and students alike.
Idaho College Community – Improvement (4B)
General Education reform improvements will be based on the first year of implementation.
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