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Student satisfaction from Noel Levitz and Student Evaluations
TSA scores
Mandatory Advisory Meetings
Program Reviews
As part of our mission to meet regional workforce needs, the College has provided extended
work force training to over 11,000 students yearly since 2013. EITC leads the State of Idaho
in the number of current workforce students served. EITC also leads the State in the
placement rate of graduates. These statistics are published each January through the Career
Placement and Recruitment Office and communicated to program advisory boards.
Advisory boards review this data and recommend areas for improvement or change based
on industry standards.
Quality and effectiveness of student learning is measured by TSA scores when students
complete their programs and graduate. These TSA scores are a direct reflection of industry
skills expected for their workforce.
Students have the opportunity to rate the quality and satisfaction of their instruction using
the Noel Levitz Evaluations. Students have consistently rated the quality of instruction and
the knowledge of instructors as “excellent.”
5.B Adaptation and Sustainability
5.B.1 Regular Evaluation of Resource Adequacy, Capacity and Effectiveness of Operations
Within the context of its mission and characteristics, EITC regularly evaluates the adequacy
of resources, capacity, and effectiveness of operations. The College is committed to
evaluating and documenting mission fulfillment, the accomplishment of core-theme
objectives, and the intended outcomes of programs and services, wherever offered and
however delivered.
EITC Program Advisory Committees are composed of local and regional industry and
program managers who meet to monitor changes, trends and emerging patterns that will
impact our current programs. A good example is a recent change to the nursing program.
Local hospitals are moving to an all RN staffed facility, so with the Board of Nursing,
Industry Partners and teaching faculty, the LPN Program has scaled back the number of
students entering the program, while increasing the student count in the Registered
Nursing (RN) Program. To provide for regional workforce needs, EITC has demonstrated its
responsiveness by making timely changes to programs. This also assists us to champion
student success by aligning student graduates with current employment opportunities and
Students completing technical programs also must take exiting tests to determine
certification. EITC graduates have excellent TSA scores that indicate students are well
prepared to meet industry standards set by independent certification or accreditation
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