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mission, core themes, core theme objectives, goals or intended outcomes of programs,
services, and indicators of achievement.
5.B.3. Identification of Current and Emerging Patterns, Trends, and Expectations to
Prepare and Plan for Future.
EITC monitors both the internal and external success of all programs and mission fulfillment
by gathering current industry needs with advisory committees, reviewing TSA results, and
using up to date yearly Program Reviews to meet mission goals. EITC is governed through
the Idaho State Board of Education and Department of Professional-Technical Education
(PTE). EITC submits an annual strategic plan as well as corresponding performance
Local oversight of the EITC strategic plan and performance measures is provided through
the President’s Advisory Council (PAC) and more broadly the Executive Council (EC). EITC
student evaluations confirm that a positive learning environment has been achieved to
champion student success. EITC faculty participate in statewide program forums and
meetings; EITC administration work closely with statewide instructional leadership
participating in President’s Council, Council on Academic Affairs and Programs
Business Affairs and Human Resources (BAHR), and Instruction, Research, and Student
Affairs (IRSA).EITC regularly monitors the newest projections that come from the
Department of Labor to plan for new programs that may be needed to meet local industry
demands. An example was the reinstatement of our RAD Safety Technician Certification
Program. The Idaho National Lab approached EITC with the need for more trained
employees to meet their requirements due to many retirements which will occur in the
near future. EITC immediately responded by providing training for 15 new students which
will graduate in the spring of 2016.
This accreditation report represents Eastern Idaho Technical College’s journey of discovery,
evaluation and improvement during the seven-year accreditation cycle. The process of
developing core themes began in 2012 as a new approach to evaluation, and it brought
many benefits of clear focus on three areas of strategic importance to this technical college.
Some of these benefits include a strong institutional commitment to the new process of
regular data collection and analysis as a basis for making informed decisions. Data then
contributes to a continuous improvement cycle.
EITC Core Theme development and implementation was a collaborative process, but is now
embedded in a culture of continuous improvement. All areas of the College have become
familiar with core themes and each unit strives for indicators of achievement. EITC is
improving an environment of staff and faculty empowerment that emerges from the core
themes of: learning for work and life, student success and community engagement.
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