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Though regular practice, core theme metric planning and analytics are integrated into a
broader conversations across campus. Discussions about EITC’s future are based on
analyses of resultant information, and plans for improvement are informed by an evaluation
of metrics. There is an emerging commitment to using improvement measurement as a
source of future funding.
EITC learned that the process of utilizing an effective core theme metrics is challenging, and
recognized our first efforts were flawed in some ways. There were instances where data
was gathered, but there was no concrete measurement of success or achievement. Within
that process, the College was able to refine measures of success and come to a solid
understanding of definitions, metrics, and measures of success as we anticipate the next
iteration of the seven-year cycle.
The current climate in higher education focuses on evidence of accomplishments and
decision making related to outcomes and accountability to students and employers. The
accreditation standards related to core themes and continuous improvement have proven
to be important drivers for EITC and its role in educating the eastern Idaho regional
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