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Preface to the Year-Seven Report
Update on institutional changes
The College is pleased to submit the Seven-Year Self-Evaluation Report to the Northwest
Commission for Colleges and Universities (NWCCU). The one-year and three-year reports
have been revised to reflect current information.
Several organizational changes have occurred since the Year-Three Report was submitted.
Dr. Steve Albiston, President, retired June 30, 2015. Taking his place as Interim President is
Dr. Rick Aman. Dr. Christian Godfrey, formerly the division manager for Business Office
Technologies (BOT), has replaced Jim Stratton as the Vice President of Administration and
Finance. As with many institutions, a number of employees have retired or moved on to
other positions. Despite these changes, the College remains effective, innovative,
energetic, and enthusiastic in support of quality education and student success.
In fall of 2014, Kathleen Judy was appointed Accreditation Liaison Officer (ALO) for the Year
Seven Report. The steering committee convenes regularly to meet goals and deadlines
related to accreditation and the
. The entire campus has been involved at some
level in the process of compiling information for the Year-Seven Report, ensuring a variety
of perspectives and insights.
Those specifically involved in writing, reviewing, and editing the 2016
Seven-Year Self-
Evaluation Report
are gratefully acknowledged for their excellent work. They include the
following members of the Steering Committee and other significant contributors:
Kathleen Judy, ALO, Mathematics Instructor – Steering Committee
Dr. Steve Albiston, Past President – Steering Committee
Dr. Rick Aman, President – Steering Committee
Dr. Sharee Anderson, Vice-President for Instruction and Student Affairs – Steering
Dr. Christian Godfrey, Vice-President for Administration and Finance – Steering Committee
Peggy Nelson, General Education Division Manager – Steering Committee
Karen Foster, IT Division Manager – Steering Committee
Dan Tracy, Maintenance Foreman – Steering Committee
Laura Jones, Assistant Controller – Steering Committee
Jared Gardner, Health Care Division Manager – Steering Committee
Leslie Jernberg, Business and Office Technology Division Manager – Steering Committee
Melody Clegg, Adult Basic Education Division Manager
Suzy Ricks, Librarian
Ken Erickson, Workforce Training Division Manager
Jacob Haeberle, English/Communications Instructor
Rae Lynn Patterson, Registrar
Shirley Bame, Nursing instructor – Steering Committee
Raquel Cuevas, Assistant Registrar – Steering Committee
Sarah Hanneman, Human Resources
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