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Organization of Self-Study
Standard one defines EITC’s three core themes, indicators of achievement and associated
and realistic benchmarks. These measures were agreed upon by employees over the course
of four years. EITC has developed a Data Roadmap which will crosswalk common
performance measures across core themes, accreditation, strategic planning, state-wide
planning and professional technical reporting. Assessments and planning are integrated
into the annual processes at each level of the institution and a continuous improvement
process is used to adjust results toward the benchmark.
Standard two highlights the resources and capacities which support the mission of EITC,
core themes and measures of success. This chapter defines roles of staff and physical
resources devoted to attaining the core themes benchmarks. EITC’s physical buildings
support its technical teaching role. Faculty and staff are well-qualified for their positions
and provide excellent application of instruction and knowledge to the workplace along with
authentic summative assessments, which is a hall mark of a small two year college.
Standard three overviews the planning processes involved at EITC. There are three areas of
planning at EITC. The first includes the macro strategies of the role of Idaho’s only technical
college within the State’s higher education system and the consistency and transferability of
program completers into other institutions. Second, there is campus planning which looks
at the strategies for managing the campus systems to improve the teaching and learning
processes along with the ancillary services provided to students and ensuring student
success and satisfaction. The third general area of planning is the role EITC plays within the
economy of Eastern Idaho. Regional planning consists of understanding the areas of
employment for our graduates and attempting to identify trends in the economy and
attempting to create a flexible institution that can adapt to the demands of a changing
Standards four and five provide for an evaluation of EITC’s Core Themes and an evaluation
of related programs and services. There is an assessment of agreed upon benchmarks and a
commitment to regular, ongoing review of indicators and success measures. This review is
organized by department.
Finally, standard five describes EITC’s mission fulfillment through the lens of a superior
education for students. In summarizing EITC’s adaptation and sustainability, the report finds
that the College is deeply embedded in the Eastern Idaho economy and through the use of
collaboration with industry partners, provides graduates with excellent technical skills and a
solid work ethic. Sustainability for a technical college relies on the ability to recognize
emerging trends and patterns and shift programming in a rapid fashion. EITC can ensure a
vibrant future through its partnerships with business, industry and government in eastern
Idaho and through the use of industry recognized end of program assessments to document
the skillsets of graduates for employers.
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