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Response to topics requested by Commission
In the July 2013 letter from NWCCU reaffirming EITC’s accreditation following the Three-
Year Report, the College was asked to address Recommendation One of the fall 2009
Focused Interim Peer-Evaluation Report. The recommendation stated:
The Student
Handbook provides a Code of Conduct concerning “activities not tolerated,” along with a list
of sanctions. The evaluation committee recommends that additional policies be provided
concerning disciplinary proceedings and appeals, which will provide for appropriate due
process for students (Standard 2.D.5.f).
As a result of this recommendation, a section was added to both the student handbook and
the catalog entitled “Student Appeal Procedures.” This section outlines three types of
grievances (academic, discrimination, and general) and provides a process students can
follow to ensure their grievances are addressed in a fair and non-biased manner (pg. 15 of
the 2015-16 Catalog and p. 46 of the Planner/Student Handbook).
Executive summary of eligibility requirements 2 and 3
2. Authority
Eastern Idaho Technical College (EITC), created by legislation in 1969, is authorized by the
Idaho State Board of Education (SBOE) and the Department of Professional-Technical
Education (PTE) to operate as an independent two-year Technical College. The College
awards Associate of Applied Science (AAS) Degrees, Basic Technical Certificates (BTC),
Intermediate Technical Certificate (ITC), and Advanced Technical Certificates (ATC).
3. Mission and Core Themes
EITC’s mission is clearly defined and approved in June 2014 by the Idaho SBOE consistent
with its legal authorization and is appropriate to a degree-granting institution. EITC’s
mission statement reads:
Eastern Idaho Technical College provides superior educational services in a
positive learning environment that champions student success and regional
workforce needs.
The College’s core themes were re-worded in 2014 to more clearly reflect the intended
meaning. The core themes are:
Learning for Work and Life
Community Engagement
The College allocates all of its resources to support its educational mission and core themes.
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