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Standard 1: Mission, Core Themes, and Expectations
In accordance with the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU), this
Report represents an overview and analysis of the College mission, vision, core themes, and
assessment of mission accomplishment.
EITC’s Mission and Vision were first developed in in 1997. They are reviewed annually by
the President’s Advisory Council (PAC), with input from campus constituencies and approval
by the Idaho State Board of Education. In preparation for the
2016 Seven-Year Self-Study
the year-three report has been updated and incorporated into the
Year Seven
1.A: Mission
1.A.1 Institutional Mission Statement
Eastern Idaho Technical College provides superior educational services in a positive learning
environment that champions student success and regional workforce needs.
There have been no changes to the institutional mission statement.
1.A.2 Interpretation of Mission Fulfillment and Acceptable Threshold, Extent, or Degree of
Mission Fulfillment
To build awareness across campus, the mission statement, including revisions, has been a
collaborative effort involving the entire College. It is posted in all the buildings on campus,
and it is an integral part of all College publications. It is well understood and supported by
the campus community and our constituencies. It is reviewed annually at the fall in-service
attended by all staff and faculty. Employees are encouraged to express any thoughts or
feelings they have regarding interpretation or fulfillment of the mission.
Mission fulfillment is measured in multiple ways. The data road map is a resource to identify
and link core themes, subthemes, and strategic planning at the state level to assessable
measures with acceptable thresholds of performance. The data road map references
indicators required by state and federal agencies as well as indicators of core themes. Data
road map indicators provide meaningful insight into EITC’s ability to meet mission
Administration, the office of institutional research, and the accreditation steering
committee have integrated core themes and measurements with state board performance
measures into the current Strategic Plan. The current strategic plan, which now includes
core themes, was approved in June, 2015.
Some of the major measurement instruments EITC uses include the
Noel-Levitz Survey
(completed annually by faculty, staff, and students), course evaluations, performance
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