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8. Chief Executive Officer
The SBOE selects the chief executive officer (CEO) of Eastern Idaho Technical College and
delegates appropriate authority and responsibility to the CEO, which is clearly addressed in
The CEO (president) nor any other member of the campus
community chairs is involved with EITC’s governing board (reference below).
9. Administration
EITC’s overall leadership and decision making authority is vested in the President’s Advisory
Council (PAC), consisting of the President, the Vice-President for Instruction and Student
Affairs, the Vice President for Finance and Administration, and the manager of Human
Resources. Members of the council are qualified administrators with appropriate levels of
responsibility and accountability. They work collaboratively across divisions to foster
fulfillment of EITC’s mission and core values.
The Executive Committee (EC) was formed by Interim President Rick Aman in fall of 2015.
The purpose of the EC is to assist PAC in understanding each constituency group’s
contribution and point of view with regard to operations, policies, and decisions. The EC
reviews, consults, and confers with PAC for timely responses and decisions related to EITC
operations and to communicate the decisions made by EITC’s President and PAC to the
constituency groups and further the goals of the EC to provide transparency in decision
making processes, and to facilitate college-wide communications and external partnerships.
The EC consists of:
Vice President for Instruction and Student Services
Vice President for Administrative Services
Director of College Relations and Marketing
Director of EITC Foundation
Manager of Human Resources
Director of Budget and Finance Registrar
Director of Workforce Development
Director of Financial Aid
Director of Maintenance and Custodial
Administrative Assistant to President
In addition to executive staff, key administrators oversee instructional divisions, information
technology, student services, Library, financial operations, human resources, maintenance,
the EITC Foundation, and workforce training/community education. Each manager reports
directly to a vice president.
10. Faculty
Consistent with EITC’s core themes, all faculty members are evaluated in a regular,
systematic, substantive and collegiate manner as prescribed by Policy 111, Faculty
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