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computer labs are kept up to date and accessible. IT staff regularly inform staff and faculty
on cyber-security issues.
The IT department is extremely responsive to the needs of faculty, staff, and students. The
Help Desk is staffed each night until closing in order to support faculty, many of whom
teach evening classes. IT staff can be reached by phone or by putting in a “ticket” online.
15. Academic Freedom
Faculty and students have guaranteed freedom to examine and test all knowledge
appropriate to their programs and classes. This is particularly relevant to general education
courses where students are often exposed to broader ideas than they might encounter in
their technical programs. The College is guided by Policy 301, “Academic Freedom.” The
College believes that free inquiry expands students’ knowledge of ethical issues, improves
critical and independent thinking and promotes respect and understanding among a diverse
16. Admissions
EITC has an open admissions policy. Specific programs or courses may require prerequisite
course work and some students may be referred to the Adult Basic Education (ABE) division
for remedial coursework before taking credit courses. Standard admission requirements
are included on the EITC Webpage and the EITC Catalog. Admissions information is also
provided to students in the
Student Planner/Handbook
and reinforced by admission
counselors, student orientation, and the registrar’s office. ACT, SAT, and COMPASS
placement score protocols are also published in the catalog and the Student
17. Public Information
EITC’s website and catalog provide current and accurate information on mission and core
themes; admission requirements and procedures; grading policy; information on academic
programs and courses; names, titles and academic credentials of administrators and faculty;
rules and regulations for student conduct; rights and responsibilities of students; tuition,
fees, and other program costs; refund policies and procedures; opportunities and
requirements for financial aid; and the academic calendar. This information is available to
the public, students, and EITC employees.
18. Financial Resources
EITC’s financial resources are sufficient to support programs and services. Planning and
budgeting reflects available funds, realistic development of financial resources, and
appropriate risk management to ensure short-term solvency and anticipate long-term
19. Financial Accountability
Annual independent audits are conducted by Moss-Adams, LLP, a firm contracted by the
State Board of Education. Audit reports are reviewed annually by both the administration
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