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The EITC Policies and Procedures Manual describes the authority, responsibilities and
relationships among administrators, the EITC advisory council, faculty, staff and students.
can also be found on the jump drive provided to each evaluator.
Organizational charts that clarify the College’s internal organization can be found on pp. 251
– 253 of the
Policy and Procedure Manual
. Decision-making processes are aided through
several advisory committees as well as faculty, staff, and student organizations.
Once each semester, the President holds an open forum for all faculty and staff to ensure
ideas and events are communicated and concerns are discussed. These casual events are
generally well attended. Additionally, in-services are held at the beginning of each
semester. The College community receives emails from the President outlining decisions
made and changes to policies agreed to by IAC, EC, and PAC. New employees are
introduced, a brief state-of-the college is presented, and outcomes assessment and
accreditation are discussed. In-services also include professional development workshops
on a variety of topics.
Table 16: On Campus Councils and Associations
EITC Councils
President’s Advisory
Council (PAC)
Meets weekly to discuss general operations, develop policy,
and establish the budget. Consists of the President, the Vice
President of Instruction and Student Affairs and the Vice-
President of Finance and Administration. The President’s
administrative assistant attends during times when policies
are being reviewed in order to take minutes. PAC Minutes are
emailed to all employees and are filed on the shared 0 drive.
Executive Committee
Meets twice a month The EC, which consists reviews, consults,
and confers with PAC for timely responses and decisions
related to EITC operations and to communicate the decisions
made by the President and PAC to the constituency groups
and further the goals of the EC to provide transparency in
decision making processes and to facilitate communications
and external partnerships.
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