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Institutional Overview
Eastern Idaho Technical College (EITC) is a public, two-year technical college in Idaho Falls,
Idaho. It is the only stand-alone technical college in the State. Other technical colleges
function within community colleges or universities. As a result, EITC has a dual-reporting
requirement; first to the Idaho State Board of Education (SBOE) and second to the
Department of Professional-Technical Education (PTE). The College also maintains an active
local Advisory Board
that is made up of a maximum of 12 individuals from College District VI
and includes the State Administrator for Professional Technical Education as an adjunct
As an institution, EITC’s Professional Technical Education (PTE) programs are designed to
fulfill needs within the community and provide students with viable, well-paid jobs. The
terminal degree for programs offered at EITC is the Associate of Applied Science (AAS). Also
offered are Intermediate Technical Certificates (at least 30 semester credit hours), and
Advanced Technical Certificates (more than 30 credits, but less than a full AAS). Some
programs offer only the Intermediate Technical Certificate or the Advanced Technical
PTE programs are organized in three divisions: Business, Office, and Technology; Trades and
Industry; and Health Care Technologies. In addition to these three divisions, the College has
a vibrant Workforce Training Division (which includes community education and
management of statewide fire service technology training), and the Adult Basic Education
(ABE) Division. All serve different needs in the community. The General Education Division
supports all credit programs with transferable courses in math, English, communications
social sciences, and sciences.
EITC was created in 1969 with a single combined administrative and teaching building (John
O. Sessions, Building 1). The College now encompasses six educational, administrative, and
support buildings and a permanent presence in the community of Rexburg. Student
population has also grown. Currently enrolled are 689 credit-seeking students (Fall, 2015)
In FY 15 the Work Force Training (WFT) enrollment was 11,289, the highest in the state. The
division no longer reports community education enrollment. Additionally, 521 students
enrolled during FY15 in the Adult Basic Education (ABE) program, including 16 GED
graduates and 77 students who entered post-secondary programs after attending ABE
Through on-campus instruction and local support, EITC facilitated the participation of 2,407
high school students in Advanced Opportunities classes participated during 2014-2015,
encompassing 18 school districts and 27 high schools. By statute, EITC serves a nine-county
area in eastern Idaho (Region VI). Educational funding is primarily through the state
legislative process, with a percentage of additional funding coming through grants and
other one-time and short-term instruments.
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