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2.A.14 Transfer of Credit Policy
Transfer credit policy is clearly defined and published in the EITC catalog and student
handbook/planner (also available on the web). The policy is structured to maintain the
integrity of technical programs while recognizing the value of previously completed
coursework from other institutions of higher learning
The Registrars from each Idaho public institution governed under the Idaho SBOE provide
leadership in ensuring efficient mobility of students between institutions through
membership in the Idaho Registrars Council (IRC). To assist students and their family in
determining transfer credits
was developed by Idaho public and
community colleges and state universities. Basic transfer information is also located on the
EITC website under
Current Students>Registrar>Transfer Guide Table
Members of the IRC meet semi-annually and communicate on an as needed basis by e-mail
and telephone to discuss any issues that may arise concerning transfer of credits from one
institution to another. The focus of the IRC is to maintain integrity in each institution’s
programs while helping students to navigate between institutions.
2.A.15 Student Rights and Responsibilities
Policies and procedures regarding students’ rights and responsibilities are available to
students through a number of venues. The Student Handbook/Planner is given to new
students during orientation and is also available on the EITC Website and the catalog. Syllabi
contain references to student rights and responsibilities and include policies on ADA,
attendance, and academic honesty.
2.A.16 Admission and Placement Policies
EITC maintains an open admissions policy and grants admission to high school graduates or
students completing a GED. Graduates from non-accredited high schools or home schooled
students may be admitted based on their COMPASS assessment score and GED completion.
The EITC website provides information on admission policies and requirements for specific
programs through links to the catalog.
Students who wish to enter EITC without ACT or SAT scores are required to take a
placement assessment. Their scores help counselors place them in the math and English
courses that offer the best chance for success. Placement Scores, which can be seen on p. 7
of the catalog, are set by each institution and are shared throughout the state.
EITC’s catalog outlines policies and procedures for continued enrollment as well as
grievance and dismissal from the College. Specialized academic programs such as
healthcare, may have separate policies on admission, continuation and dismissal. These
would be published in student handbooks for students in that program. These additional
policies are explained to students during their orientation to the program.
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