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2.A.17 Co-Curricular Activities
EITC promotes and supports clubs and other activities which augment classroom instruction
and enrich learning experiences. Instructions and policies associated with these program-
related clubs are maintained at the program level. Other than encouraging and supporting
these specific clubs and an active Student Senate, the College does not engage in co-
curricular activities such as sports, student publications or other student media. Section III
of the Student Senate by-laws, which are published in the
references campus clubs.
Human Resources
2.A.18 Policies and Procedures for Fair and Equitable Treatment
As a State agency, EITC follows provisions of the Division of Human Resources regarding
hiring, evaluation, retention and pay of individuals on campus. Supplemental procedures,
which elaborate on state systems or provide college-specific information are contained in
section 2, “Personnel,” of EITC’s Policy and Procedures Manual
2.A.19 Employee Rights Communicated
Individuals receive information on employment through a variety of methods. The initial
offer letter provides the first presentation of this information, which continues through new
employee orientation. When questions arise during the course of employment, the
individual is encouraged to contact human resources. Specific examples include:
Conditions of employment are specified in the offer letter sent to each individual.
Work assignments including scope of responsibility are included in formal job
descriptions, which are reviewed each time a hiring process is initiated.
Renewal of contract letters (faculty) must be signed and returned to the HR office
Rights and responsibilities are communicated through the state’s Division of Human
Resources website and the following sections of the EITC
Policies and Procedures
106 – Grievance Procedures
107 – Classified Employee Due Process and Problem Solving
215 – Classified Staff Rules
216 – Employment Agreement
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