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Criteria and procedures for evaluation are communicated through the State’s Division of
Human Resources website and the following sections of the
EITC Policy and Procedures
111 – Faculty Evaluation
112 – Evaluation of Non-Classified and Classified Staff
2.A.20 Security of Human Resources Records
All personnel files are maintained and secured in locked file cabinets in the Human
Resources (HR) offices. The HR office remains locked when there is no HR representative
present. An employee's personal information includes personal contact data and sensitive
personal information. Such information is considered confidential and is not released
without authorization.
Personal information is also kept in EITC’s repository of electronic information; the database
referred to as Colleague. Access to this information is granted only to authorized-users who
have been trained on the requirements for information security and the correct use of the
software as documented in Policy 421, “Training Prior to Granting Access to Colleague.”
EITC complies with FERPA regulations and does not disclose to third parties any personnel
records of a current or former employee other than the employee’s public service or
employment history, classification, pay grade and step, longevity, gross salary and salary
history, status, work-place and employing entity.
Access to personnel files regarding an employee is limited to the current employee and, for
official business purposes, to the Human Resources staff and supervisors in the direct line of
supervision over that employee, with exceptions authorized by Human Resources.
Each EITC employee has a responsibility to exercise reasonable and prudent efforts to
safeguard the privacy, confidentiality and security of Employment Records and the Personal
Information of current and former employees.
Institutional Integrity
2.A.21 Integrity of Communications
Eastern Idaho Technical College represents itself clearly, accurately, and consistently to the
public through various communication channels.
Academic offerings, programs, and services are publicized primarily through the EITC
Catalog and EITC Website. In 2013, EITC began publishing an online-only flip-book catalog
on the EITC Website. EITC is committed to fair and equitable treatment of students and
provides them with a
Student Handbook/Planner
. The
Student Handbook/Planner
is also
available on the Website and is reviewed, updated, and printed annually.
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