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Academic Freedom
2.A.27 and 2.A.28 Policies Regarding Academic Freedom and Independent Thought
EITC policy 301, “Academic Freedom” addresses the principles of academic freedom. Even
though EITC has a restricted curriculum, ethical discussions can, do, and should arise in the
course of study. EITC is committed to a campus environment that demonstrates and
encourages the free exchange of ideas, perspectives and opinions while respecting the
opinions and beliefs of others. Such an environment expands the knowledge base on ethical
issues, improves critical and independent thinking, and promotes understanding between
individuals and groups.
2.A.29 Parameters of Academic Freedom
Instructors at EITC are expected to present materials fairly and accurately in accordance
with accepted knowledge in their field of study. Personal opinions and materials not
normally accepted should be identified to students as such.
2.A.30 Financial Integrity
EITC financial structure is based on a combination of state law, SBOE policy, and funding
direction provided by the Idaho Division of Professional-Technical Education (PTE). Primary
operational funding comes from an allocation of the PTE legislative appropriation. PTE
provides the allocation amount annually in April and EITC responds in May with a detailed
budget covering personnel costs, operating expenses and, if funding is available, capital
outlay. PTE provides estimated payments to EITC based on anticipated costs associated with
this allocation, and EITC provides monthly claims which substantiate the funding
requirements and verify that funds have been properly expended.
Grant funding from PTE is based on a proposed budget submitted by the college, and
expenses are tracked throughout the fiscal year relative to each PTE grant. The State Board
of Education identifies i
of their policy manual how to properly
handle all other sources of funding. Annual financial audits are done by an auditor selected
by SBOE.
Fundraising activities are done by and through an independent foundation, the EITC
Foundation. The College and Foundation have a formal operating agreement approved by
the SBOE, which clearly defines the financial and operating policies between the two
EITC is not allowed to incur debt. Funds are deposited into common bank accounts but
within the accounting system they are rigidly segregated. The College does not directly
engage in fundraising. All donations and other fundraising activities are conducted through
the EITC Foundation which has its own Board of Directors and independent auditors.
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