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2.B Human Resources
2.B.1 Qualified Personnel
EITC employs a sufficient number of qualified personnel to maintain support and operations
and relies on State Policies and Procedures to recruit and hire staff. When a position is
posted, clear criteria is presented for the skills needed to perform the job function. Existing
job descriptions accurately reflect duties, responsibilities, and authority of positions.
Departments are currently updating job descriptions to ensure accuracy.
2.B.2 Staff Evaluations
Administrators and staff are evaluated annually on their performance. The same state-
designated performance evaluation summary is used for both classified and non-classified
employees. Due to changes in the State of Idaho “Change in Employee Compensation” (CEC)
program, which grants employees CEC on a merit based system corresponding to their
annual evaluation level, EITC is undergoing changes in its evaluation system. The college
now has all staff and faculty on the same rating scale and is developing objective measuring
requirements for each department to use when evaluating employees.
2.B.3 Professional Development
Faculty, staff, and administrators are given appropriate opportunities and support for
professional growth and development. Although reduced budgets have limited
participation in outside professional development, EITC has provided workshops on-
campus, and divisional budgets provide some leeway for participation in smaller, less-
expensive state and regional conferences or workshops. Since 2013, the President has set
aside a yearly amount of $10,000 for professional development activities. Employees fill out
a professional development request form and report on their experiences upon return.
Faculty and staff are asked to request topics for professional development through their
departments to IAC and PAC.
Technical programs require recertification of faculty. Certification requirements may be met
through completion of specific academic coursework from other post-secondary institutions
or obtained by participation in workshops and seminars. A professional development plan is
required of all program faculty and certificated staff. In 2015, 12 employees report working
towards a degree: one pursuing an AAS, seven a bachelor’s degree, two a master’s degree,
and three Ed.Ds.
Professional development includes in-house workshops, seminars, webinars, conferences,
courses leading to a degree, and trade shows.
2.B.4 Faculty Credentials
EITC employs a blend of full time, part time and adjunct faculty. Professional-technical
certification is in accordance with requirements established by the division of professional-
technical education. Instructors teaching in PTE programs must complete the required PTE
Instructor Training series.
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