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2.D.4 Program Elimination
When programs are eliminated or experience significant change, students are given every
opportunity to complete the coursework necessary for graduation. If a program is
scheduled for elimination, the division manager who oversees the program completes a
program closure form, the contents of which address personal requirements and financial
considerations as well as the method and timeline for all students to complete. If there is a
significant change in a program and a course is eliminated, a new course may be substituted
for the discontinued one.
EITC follows th
for program closure and/or change.
2.D.5 Current and Accurate Information
The catalog publishes current and accurate information on all the items listed in 2.D.5. Most
of this information is also available on the website, the Catalog and in the Student
2.D.6 Eligibility Information for Licensure and Entry into Professions
EITC currently offers two programs, Registered Nursing and Practical Nursing that require
licensure. Upon completion, students must pass an exam in order to attain a license to
practice. The EITC catalog specifically addresses the requirements for licensure to enter
practice and students receive a program policy manual which addresses this and other
specific program requirements.
2.D.7 Records Retention
The Registrar’s office keeps an unabridged history of a student’s learning experience at
EITC. Student records such as application of admission, transcripts, test scores, and other
documents for each student are secured in fire proof file cabinets in a fire-resistant file
room located within the Student Services office. In 2005, all academic records were scanned
to Laser fiche, a digital-imaging software. Tapes containing the scanned documents serve as
a backup and are stored in an off-site bank vault. EITC continues to maintain hard copy files
for each matriculated student. These records are maintained in the area for four to six years
after the student’s enrollment, at which time they are transferred to the archive room
located in the John O. Sessions Building, where they are also in fire proof file cabinets. Prior
to relocating, the contents of the physical files are reviewed and maintained according to
the following retention schedule:
EITC Record Retention Schedule
Acceptance Letter(s)
Compass scores
Transcripts (H.S. & All post-secondary attended) Permanent
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