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New and used textbooks
Limited general merchandise, such as caps, sweatshirts, t-shirts, and scrubs.
Textbook buy-backs
Book Rentals
Agency/Scholarship charging
Food Services are adequate and are contracted through an independent food service
operator. The cafeteria is open from 7:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m., serving breakfast and lunch. It is
also a multi-purpose area used for a variety of activities. In spring of 2015, the “Falcon’s
Nest,” was unveiled as a small, but dedicated space for students in the corner of the
cafeteria. The area features a set of plush leather couches squared around a coffee table
and TV, a foosball table, microwaves, and bar-top tables for eating. This project was
spearheaded by Student Senate and enhanced by custom-made furniture made by welding
students, college funds, and donations.
2.D.13 Intercollegiate Athletics
Eastern Idaho Technical College does not offer any intercollegiate athletic or similar co-
curricular programs.
2.D.14 Distance Learning Identity Verification
EITC does not currently offer full distance courses. Several hybrid or blended courses are
offered through Blackboard, a course management system, but all skills, labs and tests are
done on campus.
2.E Library and Information Resources
2.E.1 Library Resources
Library resources are consistent with EITC’s mission and core themes. The Library is student-
centered. It provides students, faculty, and staff with information on a variety of topics.
Ebscohost databases provide depth and reliability for students doing research. These
databases can be accessed through th
In addition to Ebsco, the Library
annually purchases Westlaw, an online database to serve the legal program, and Shopkey,
an online database for the automotive and diesel programs.
The library engages with the wider community as a member of the Library Consortium of
Eastern Idaho. The Consortium shares an integrated library system, and thus access to Inter-
library loan materials throughout the region, including e-books and audio books. The
currency and variety of the Library’s collection is suggested by the fact that it receives as
many requests from Inter-library Loan as it sends out.
Although a professional-technical education is central to EITC’s mission, the library also has
a small, but eclectic fiction section containing both classics and best-sellers. The Library’s
Facebook page provides a list of new acquisitions and there is a small e-book collection that
has been accrued specifically to serve technical programs. In response to a number of
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