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maintenance foreman is involved in the monthly review of safety and security issues on
campus with the contract security lead, and the VP of Finance and Administration.
Maintenance and custodial crews also provide a representative to the Safety and
Emergency Committee established by the President. Finally, the State of Idaho Division of
Building Safety performs an annual safety inspection of facilities on the campus.
Maintenance and custodial staff, as well as the campus administration, work closely with
the Disabilities Office to ensure accessibility in physical facilities. Recent considerations
include lever handles on all classroom doors and new signage in braille.
2.G.2 Hazardous and Toxic Waste Materials
Each department is responsible for identifying and securing hazardous or toxic materials
within their respective areas. The facilities group ensures proper storage lockers are
provided where needed and helps coordinate disposal of materials as necessary. Each area
containing hazardous or toxic materials maintains a current MSDS binder as applicable
under appropriate state and federal regulations.
EITC has a Chemical Hygiene Plan that provides the basis for obtaining, maintaining, and
disposing of hazardous and toxic material specifically associated with chemistry
laboratories. The Health care programs contract with an outside company to dispose of
hazardous and toxic waste.
2.G.3 Master Campus Facilities Plan
The long-range master plan for campus is required to be developed every 7 - 15 years by
. “The
Campus Master Plan (CMP) shall serve as a planning framework to guide the orderly and
strategic growth and development of an institutions campus. The CMP shall be consistent
with and support the Institutions current Mission, core themes and strategic plan, and six
year capital construction plan.”
The current master plan map and guidelines last updated in 2002 is available in the VPFA
office. An update to the current master plan is required in the near future and a funding
request for an updated master plan will be submitted to the Idaho Division of Public Works
2016 request. A Master Plan committee will be formed to ensure that the plan is
consistent with the Institutions current Mission, core themes and strategic plan.
2.G.4 Equipment
Physical and technological equipment is reviewed annually for lifecycle management and
potential replacement. Ongoing maintenance is handled via a help desk ticket system that
allows tracking and response of identified issues.
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