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Technological infrastructure
2.G.5 Technology Systems and Infrastructure
Most EITC classrooms utilize smart technology. The Information Technology division
maintains this equipment as well as supporting hardware, software and application
deployment. The Blackboard course management system, Colleague/ Web Advisor,
Outlook email, and smart classroom technology are all maintained with the help of the IT
The network and system infrastructure at EITC are secured with a layered defense and
cyber security strategy. The IT Division takes the security of the systems and network very
seriously and utilizes a combination of hardened edge devices, de-militarized zones,
firewalls, intrusion protection and detection systems, change control software, physical and
logical access controls, host level firewalls and malware protection software. In addition,
externally facing systems are scanned every day by McAfee Secure Scan to ensure another
layer of security. This combination provides an excellent level of security for the.
EITC has engaged Idaho National Laboratory cyber security experts to train IT staff and end
2.G.6 Training and Support in Effective Use of Technology
Information Technology (IT) provides training and appropriate support as new systems
come into the environment. This is provided by on-site technical staff. A new data center
was built in 2014 in room 216 and all the equipment supporting technical infrastructure was
moved to that location. IT also provides training based on requests from faculty and staff.
In fall of 2014, IT implemented a new area in the Robertson building (2) to support the
technology concerns of students, faculty, and staff. It has computers, printers, and a full-
time IT technician on site. It is a friendly environment for students to gather, study, and
receive help if needed.
2.G.7 Technology Infrastructure Planning Process
The IT Manager has overall responsibility for campus technology planning, including
desktop hardware and software, infrastructure hardware and software, and
telecommunications for both the educational and support environments. The IT Manager
works with faculty, staff, and students to solicit suggestions and comments about new
technologies and the use of existing technologies.
New technology requests are evaluated by IT for compatibility with existing systems and
recommendations for suitable substitutes if there is incompatibility. This process is informal
and is handled by direct communications with the appropriate constituencies.
2.G.8 Technology Update and Replacement Plan
As part of the strategic planning process, the IT Manager submits an annual plan for phased
replacement of technology-related equipment. This plan is submitted in early March, and is
evaluated before annual budgeting and strategic planning meetings. EITC uses a six-year
replacement cycle to ensure computers are upgraded in a planned manner.
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