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Standards 3B, 4A, and 4B
Overview of Core Themes
Since the
Year One Self-Study Report
, EITC has integrated and disseminated core themes,
objectives, and indicators consistent with the institution’s comprehensive plan (Strategic
Plan). Meaningful program outcomes, course outcomes, and indicators are measured,
assessed, and used to ensure continuous improvement. Outcomes and indicators related to
core themes support all planning activities and improvements related to programs and
A collaborative effort between faculty, staff and institutional research resulted in a data
road map that integrates state wide performance measures, strategic planning and
accreditation. This data is analyzed and disseminated to appropriate constituencies. This
data is used to evaluate fulfillment of the mission, core themes, and other reporting
Core Themes were edited and clarified in fiscal year 2014 to more accurately and succinctly
reflect EITC’s mission and vision. Planning is an outgrowth of core themes, which guide
selection of programs and services, development of outcomes, assessment, and
improvement at all levels. Each of the core themes is addressed in detail in the following
EITC Core Themes
Learning for work and Life
Professional-Technical Education
Adult Basic Education
Workforce Education
Student Centered:
Student Services
Tutoring Center
Information Technology (IT)
Center for New Directions
Community Engagement:
On-campus community
Regional Community
Idaho Academic Community
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