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Core Theme 1: Learning for Work and Life
EITC provides a friendly learning environment where students prepare for careers and
effective citizenship. Hands-on learning is integral to instruction that is not only
academically rigorous, but tailored to the needs of the community. Learning for work and
life takes place in all areas of campus, but primarily through professional-technical
education, adult basic education, and workforce education. Planning, improvement, and
assessment will be covered separately for each of the three areas indicated in Figure 1.
Figure 1: Three Contributors to Core Theme 1
Professional Technical Education
Professional-Technical Education: Planning (3B)
Planning is an integral part of EITC’s PTE programs, which are initially approved by the State
of Idaho Division of Professional Technical Education. Funding is legislatively appropriated
to the State of Idaho Division of Professional Technical Education for distribution by the
State Board of Education who also approves EITC’s Strategic plan.
Program viability and planning are measured through ongoing reviews and labor market
awareness as well as students’ success in securing meaningful employment. Our overall
positive placement rate for FY14 was 95.07%. Individual program numbers are available
through the Career Placement office and a copy of the most recent report will be in the
team room.
Each technical program on campus maintains an external, industry-specific advisory
committee to assist them with planning and maintaining the integrity of the programs.
These committees consist of industry experts from the community. They meet one to two
times a year with program managers, the division manager, and a member of EITC
administration (generally the VPISA). Advisory committee minutes are available. These
meetings provide opportunities for meaningful dialogue on needed curricular changes and
assessment of skills and course/program outcomes. Outcomes and changes proposed
during committee meetings are also shared and vetted with groups on campus that will be
impacted by these new changes (3.B.2).
Adult Basic
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