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assessment, program reviews, skills pass offs (Health Professions and Trades and Industry)
and technical skills assessments (TSAs) done at the program level.
Course Evaluations:
Students evaluate faculty, Library, and Tutoring Center each semester.
This data is reviewed by faculty and staff and is an integral part of the planning process to
improve student success and identify improvements that will help improve student
completion rates.
Noel-Levitz Survey:
In addition to formal and informal interactions with administrators,
students provide input each year by completing the Noel Levitz Survey, which provides data
along with other measures on how students perceive their education and opportunities
while at EITC. This survey also identifies challenges from both faculty and students that
could help to improve the educational experience.
Students, faculty and employees all participate in the Noel-Levitz Survey to gather data
about their experiences at EITC. This survey is conducted during the fall semester and
compiled and analyzed spring semester. The results of the survey are shared with the
college community for review and planning. Changes and actions identified from this survey
are then presented to PAC, IAC and Student Services for discussion and possible action.
Outcomes Assessment:
Outcomes assessment is done at the program and the course level.
It is an integral part of the planning process and all faculty participate. Changes made as the
result of course-level outcome assessments benefit learning (Core theme 1) in many ways
(i.e., the outcome measures for the welding program math class showed deficiencies in
students’ ability to measure. The course was then adjusted to give more time in the
measurement unit). The welding instructor reports that the students passing the math class
can measure correctly now.
In fall of 2014, faculty attended training to assist them in refining course outcomes and
tying them to assessment via a standardized form (Figure 2). All full-time faculty attended
this training as well as some adjuncts. Instructional Division Managers regularly follow up
with the instructors in their division and collect the course outcome assessments, which are
stored on the shared drive.
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