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Figure 4: Faculty use a variety of functions in Blackboard
Instructional planning is also an outgrowth of outcomes assessment. With additional and
periodic training, faculty are demonstrating a more comprehensive understanding of how
course outcomes support program outcomes and the importance of assessment. Using the
course level outcomes assessment tool, outcomes planning is tracked from one semester to
the next, often resulting in meaningful and positive changes in instruction.
Faculty – Assessment (4A)
Full time faculty are evaluated by students for at least one class they teach each semester.
Many instructors choose to have all of their classes evaluated because they value feedback.
Student evaluations are compiled for each instructor and delivered electronically to division
managers where they become a contributing factor to faculty performance evaluations.
Once the division manager has looked at the evaluations, they are routed to the individual
instructors (after grades have been posted). Student evaluations are also done for all
adjunct faculty.
Faculty are also assessed through peer-to-peer faculty classroom observations and via
classroom evaluations by their division manager.
The Noel-Levitz survey provides another way that students can evaluate their experience
with faculty and the College in general. This survey is given annually and was performed in
November of this academic year.
Faculty – Improvement (4B)
Individual instructors use outcomes analysis to improve their courses and their own
performance. These improvements may come in the form of changes to instructional
methods or in material covered. Improvements to instructional methods may include more
hands-on teaching and improved video presentations. Outcomes analysis may also lead to
changes at the program level through curricular adjustments or the purchase of new tools
or equipment to aid overall effectiveness of instruction. Schedule adjustments may also be
made to better accommodate the needs of students.
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