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Teaching strategies and curriculum improvement contribute to student success without
diminishing course rigor. One example of this is the addition of the Math 123 Plus class.
Students who would not otherwise be eligible for Math 123 are enrolled in a class that helps
them adjust to higher education, refresh algebra skills, improve study habits and most
importantly, succeed in the course. When there are seats available, any Math 123 student
can also register for the Plus class. Thus far, results have shown that with the extra help the
lab sessions provide, students are able to successfully complete the class. Student
Satisfaction with courses and instructors is also measured in the annual Noel-Levitz Survey.
Student Services
Student Services – Planning (3B)
Each department within Student Services utilizes a calendar of duties that lists the process
and functions that must be completed over each term and the entire year. A collaborative
meeting is held each semester to plan the academic year on the calendar. This includes New
Student Orientation dates and the timeline for various reports. In addition, Financial Aid
holds planning retreats in the fall and spring. At the beginning of each week Student
Services Office leadership holds a communication meeting to disseminate information and
help aid in the coordination between Student Service Offices. Problems are often identified
and reconciled during these meetings.
The recruitment and placement coordinator also advises the Student Senate and helps
them plan campus and community activities. Throughout the year Student Service Office
leadership meets each Monday morning to communicate, reconcile problems in reporting
that occurs between units, and coordinate services for students.
All Student Service employees meet each month for professional development. This is an
opportunity to disseminate information and for team building. It is also used to develop
skills and expertise that will help to improve student retention and involvement.
Student Services – Assessment (4A)
The Noel Levitz Survey is the primary vehicle of assessment for Student Services. Since 2012
students have overwhelmingly validated that admissions and financial aid services meet or
exceed their expectations. Additionally, student surveys on new student orientation help to
determine their effectiveness. Various technologies are evaluated to determine how they
are used and how they could be further leveraged to affect better outcomes. Database
software such as Colleague and Laserfiche, in particular, have been a focus for
Student Services – Improvement (4B)
Based on student feedback, Student Services has made several changes. Hours were
extended one day a week to accommodate the working schedules of students. Evening New
Student Orientations were added to allow some flexibility for students who could not come
during our regularly scheduled afternoon times.
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