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Communication with students has been a focus for improvement. Admissions has started
sending letters to applicants at set intervals to let them know what items are still missing
from their applications. The Financial Aid Office has initiated measures to ensure that
students have a better understanding of their loan debt and responsibilities regarding loans.
This is done by creating more notifications that are communicated to students.
An advising committee was formed to bring together constituents from across campus. The
purpose of the committee was to develop advising training and resources. The committee
developed an advising handbook for faculty use.
To streamline the advising process for prospective Licensed Practical Nursing and
Registered Nursing students, faculty in the General Education Division were enlisted to
assist with advising students on the prerequisites for admittance.
Tutoring Center
Tutoring Center – Planning (3B)
The Tutoring Center, located in room 135 of the Session’s Building, serves students who
need additional help in writing, math, and other program areas. The Center operates as part
of the General Education Division, but is managed primarily by the Academic Support
Coordinator (ASC), a position funded through a Carl Perkins Federal Grant
To assess tutoring needs in advance, the ASC and division manager look at student contact
hours from the previous semester to schedule adequate coverage. Tutors are hired and
trained before the beginning of each semester. Many tutors return year after year, which
lends consistency to the services offered.
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