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A Blackboard page for the Center was created in 2014 to give students better access to
tutoring center resources. Students can self-enroll in the page through their personal
blackboard access. It contains tips and handouts on math, writing, research, and
documentation that students can access easily.
Additionally, the Center Coordinator maintains regular communication with instructors to
ensure tutors understand assignments and to provide, upon request, specialized
presentations to classes.
Tutoring Center – Assessment (4A)
The Tutoring Center is funded through a Carl Perkins Federal grant, written and facilitated
through the General Education Division. The Center coordinator tracks contact hours
throughout the year in math, English, program-specific subjects, and computer time.
Services of the Center are evaluated by students each semester along with their course
evaluations. Results are reviewed by the General Education Division Manager and the
coordinator. If comments show a pattern of complaints regarding one or more tutors, they
are addressed in a private meeting with the emphasis being on improvement. If results are
mostly good and any criticism is minor, the survey results are sent to all tutors to peruse.
The Noel-Levitz Survey has a question regarding whether tutoring services are readily
available. The gap between its importance to students and their agreement with the
statement is .12 – an excellent assessment.
In FY15, the Academic Support Coordinator established outcomes and assessment
measures for the Tutoring Center. Center outcomes include the following:
Students who frequent the Tutoring Center will:
Understand course material to complete class and to improve grades
Learn material for long-term retention
Improve soft skills related to success in school and in the workplace
Feel better integrated into the college experience
Increase critical thinking skills, self-confidence, and motivation
Tutoring Center – Improvement (4B)
Improvement is tracked on the outcomes assessment document. Improvement plans are
made jointly with the division manager, tutor coordinator, tutors and instructors. This
process resulted in a calendar (Figure 5) that was made available to instructors and advisors
to direct students to tutorials in non-math and non-writing content areas.
Information and Technology (IT)
Information and Technology (IT) – Planning (3B)
Students, faculty and staff all provide input for IT planning. Information is gathered in
several ways. Sometimes an individual walks in with a request or idea. The IT Division
Manager speaks individually with instructional division managers and the VP of Instruction
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