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to get an overview of needs for the following year. Help Desk tickets are tracked for high
problem areas. Scheduling also indicates high use areas that indicate distribution of new
After gathering information, most planning is done for the semester and submitted to PAC
for approval. However, as students present problems or valuable suggestions during a
semester, some changes are made on the fly to solve more immediate problems.
Recent planning based on student input has resulted in the creation of a comfortable study
area where students can log in and with help desk personnel, solve any computer problems
they may be experiencing. They can also use the room as a comfortable place to study with
free popcorn on hand for a snack.
Help tickets come primarily from faculty, and most reflect a concern for technology as it
affects students. For example, an instructor might need help making information available
to students on blackboard and needs some targeted instruction from IT staff. All tickets are
submitted electronically and assigned to the correct individual within the department.
Information and Technology – Assessment (4A)
Information gathered from students, faculty, and staff via the Noel-Levitz report has
indicated customer satisfaction at 90% across the board when rating the difference
between importance and satisfaction. Response time and success are also tracked and
measured by IT personnel.
The department has also implemented an online help desk ticket tracking system that
randomly asks customers if they were satisfied or not. They receive a daily report
automatically. The current report is available from the IT Manager. The VP of Finance and
Administration also receives this report. This, along with the policy of not closing a ticket
until the issue has been resolved, and the quick soft survey at the face-to-face help desk
and in the media center effectively assesses the effectiveness of the IT Division.
The average time from a ticket being submitted and assigned to resolution is one hour 16
Students report being satisfied with services received in media services. These services
include poster printing, book binding, scanning books to PDF, and copies.
Information and Technology – Improvement (4B)
Open enrollment is now coordinated with the IT Department in order to efficiently serve
students. IT Help Desk hours have been extended to assist students, and a lounge area in
building two had been added for students to relax while waiting for one-on-one help.
Library – Planning (3B)
Eastern Idaho Technical College’s Library is student-centered. EITC oversees both library
and information sources to ensure that materials and services support the mission and core
themes. The Library offers both print and non-print materials to support course and
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