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program outcomes. In addition to supporting our technical programs, the Library also
provides materials for general education, professional development, adult continuing
education and community interest. Where possible, EITC takes the position to offer a
balanced collection of materials on many topics and issues.
Although the Library is often hampered by funding, they have shown a commitment to
developing well rounded resources. The Librarian and staff use several selection tools to
acquire materials that will allow students to have a depth and breadth of many topics in
their programs. Every attempt is made to select materials that are accessible to those
students who have disabilities.
Employees can request materials by filling out a request form that is located on the O drive.
As a technical college, most materials support EITC’s mission and core themes. However,
the Library has materials that the general public will find interesting. It also receives
generous donations of books and other materials from the community, which are added to
the collection. Additionally, most any book can be procured through interlibrary loan in a
timely fashion.
The EITC Librarian has developed a presentation on navigating and using library resources
(both print and electronic) that can be presented to individual classes on request.
Library – Assessment (4A)
The library staff, and facilities are evaluated annually by both students and employees using
the Noel Levitz Survey. The past several years, students and staff found the Library had
some needed areas of improvement. During the 2013-14 academic year, all library
personnel participated in several in-service workshops to improve these identified areas.
During the Noel Levitz Survey conducted during fall 2014, the library received an increase in
the satisfaction rating from students over the 2013 survey.
Students evaluate the Library at the same time as course evaluations take place. These
comments are taken in to consideration and changes and training are developed on the
basis of the comments. Training in the spring of 2014 resulted in an improvement in fall of
2014 satisfaction.
Library – Improvement (4B)
The Librarian tracks planned changes on a service outcome form. Circulation and traffic is
tracked and has increased over the last seven years. Other improvements are made as a
result of student evaluations and input from the Noel-Levitz Survey.
Center for New Directions
Center for New Directions – Planning (3B)
The Center for New Directions (CND) meets with students and instructors alike in both
formal and informal venues in order to develop specific tactics to address pertinent issues
facing students. Planning is accomplished through regular CND staff meetings. During one-
on-one meetings with students, they are encouraged to discuss any campus concerns they
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