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made to the document. Faculty Council meets each semester or more often if the need
arises. During these meetings, problems or challenges are addressed without the oversight
of administration. If problems arise, they are discussed and then brought to the attention of
administration for resolution. This process encourages discussion and consensus to address
problems or difficulties. Student Senate has a similar process in place to direct problems to
their advisors and then to administration.
The Student Senate meets every Thursday to discuss projects and to engage in general
conversation regarding student topics. They plan two campus-wide picnics a year and
service projects including Frankie’s Pasta Push to benefit local food banks and Trunk or
Treat which raises money for scholarships. The method by which the members of student
government provide input in the planning process is addressed in 3.A.1.
Staff Senate meets twice a year. The goal for 2016 is to streamline the communication
process to facilitate more efficient problem solving. Another goal for this year is to improve
member attendance. A survey was sent to all staff to determine the barriers to attendance.
The meeting time was then changed to accommodate more participation. Division
managers were asked to plan for and encourage staff attendance. These changes resulted in
almost a 30% increase in attendance during spring of 2015. This fall this participation level
has maintained. Staff has also been working closely with President Aman on safety issues.
In addition to faculty, staff, and student senates, a President’s Forum is held each semester
to keep EITC employees informed of up-coming changes and challenges. Employees are
encouraged to ask questions and bring concerns to this forum. Discussion on safety matters
such as the newly passed “guns on campus” bill, are common. Any changes in governance,
funding, and raises are also topics of discussion. The President provides PAC and EC minutes
to the campus community as well as the President’s update through campus email.
Efforts are made to include all parties in the decision-making process and implementation
to ensure that the student experience is excellent. Every semester begins with an all-college
in-service. In the fall, this generally comprises two days and is characterized by a state of
the College address by the president, introductions of new employees, and a series of
faculty and staff workshops on topics applicable to their positions. Spring semester in-
service usually includes a general session in the morning followed by afternoon workshops.
In spring of 2015, the general session was focused almost exclusively on accreditation with a
general presentation and an activity that involved all faculty and staff and challenged them
to identify how they contributed to each core theme. Comments were posted and later
transcribed for future reference.
To ensure that communication is productive on campus, a campus newsletter is produced
and distributed via email six times per year. This usually includes a message from the
President as well as upcoming events, introduction to new staff and faculty, and other items
of interest. Each semester, the President hosts an information forum with staff and faculty
where information is provided on current initiatives, and questions are posed and
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