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Council on Academic Affairs and Programs (CAAP) – Reviews and approves all
policies before they go to the State Board of Education. Engages in institutional
planning with new and discontinued programs, and implements new initiatives from
the board, including strategic planning.
Instruction, Research and Student Affairs (IRSA) – Includes all of the Provosts. Fine
tunes policies that come from CAAP; program review; works with two Board
members to move initiatives forward; collects data.
Complete College Idaho (CCI) – Builds awareness and education of the Complete
College initiative at all of the post-secondary institutions in Idaho.
Technical College Leadership Council (TCLC) – Oversight of Professional Technical
Education for Idaho. Create new programs; work with industry partners; connect
students with employers, write strategic plans; oversight of program regulations.
State Student Affairs – Address issues that impact students; create policies to
promote safe campuses; create and reinforce fairness on campus; inform students
of rights; Veterans’ Service.
Idaho Indian Education Committee.
The President serves on the following external organizations and committees:
Regional Economic Development Corporation for Eastern Idaho
Employers Supporting Guard and Reserves
Rotary Club
Idaho Falls Connect Share
Partnership for Science and Technology
Higher Education President’s Council
Educate Idaho Network
Community College Exploratory Committee
Faculty in the General Education Division as well as the VPISA and the ABE Division Manager
continue to participate in the statewide initiative to reform general education. Throughout
the planning process, committees established skill competencies and knowledge objectives
for math, English, sciences, social sciences and humanities that ensures transferability of
courses across Idaho institutions of higher learning. Courses that meet the established
criteria are now stamped as General Education Matriculation (GEM) classes. These
committees have also assisted the Idaho State Board of Education in rewriting policies
related to general education requirements for degree programs.
The Adult Basic Education (ABE) Division Manager represents the state ABE region on the
math remediation committee. She also acts as the professional development advisor to the
ABE state director. Regionally, the ABE manager partners with groups in Island Park,
Salmon, and juvenile corrections to advise on curriculum for GED candidates.
The Idaho Math Summit meets regularly to share best practices, align curriculum, and
discuss any other topics related to their discipline.
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