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Eastern Idaho Technical College
or call (208) 524-3000 ext. 5344, 5345 or 5371
Explore a Career as a Veterinary
Come and learn about pet nutrition, spaying
and neutering, and how to deal with the
emotional issues of euthanasia, pet loss,
and specific aspects of veterinary assistant
6 weeks
Start Dates: 3rd Wednesday of each month
Explore a Career as a Medical
By the end of this course, you’ll know
the basic report types, be able to correct
grammar from dictated reports on the fly,
and know the next steps you’ll need to take!
6 weeks
Start Dates: 3rd Wednesday of each month
Entrepreneur Series (Attend 5 get 6
Powerful Business Strategies that
Most companies today guide and operate
their businesses using traditional business
methods and systems. While these methods
may work, there are vastly superior ways
of operating for success. Learn how to
motivate and inspire ALL your stakeholders
including: employees, suppliers, company
leadership, investors, etc. Learn how
to unleash the power of creativity and
production within your company. These
strategies are used by some of the biggest
company names in the world and with
incredible success. I will show you how.
BUSM-159-01FA T
$20.00 371
Business Modeling Generation
Whether you are an existing business or a
start-up business this class is a must! This
is a state-of-the-art business modeling
(planning) class that can put you on the road
to success. This class will introduce you to
the amazing Business Model Generation
program and how to use it in your planning.
It has taken the market by storm. Hundreds
of thousands of businesses and universities
around the world are using this program.
Discover the simple power of it and how it
can work for you. I will introduce you to
the tools and give you materials that will
be invaluable. This a whole new way of
BUSM-168-01FA T
$20.00 371
Business Marketing Essentials
Learn how to develop a winning marketing
plan! Did you know, a business lives or dies
by its marketing planning (or lack of)? This
class will teach you how to truly understand
your customers and how to turn them into
“repeat customers”. The world and markets
are changing. These principles and steps
will empower you to make better, informed
marketing decisions for success right out of
the starting gate
BUSM-162-01FA T
$20.00 371
Business Planning for Success
This is a follow on class to the Business
Modeling class. If you are interested in
starting a new business, this class is a must!
It will teach you the essential basics of
how to plan, start, and operate a business
successfully. Numerous studies show that
most businesses will fail if they don’t
consider and address the materials we will
cover in this class. Learn how to avoid the
pitfalls that plague most new businesses.
I have worked with over 2000 companies
and have witnessed painful mistakes and
phenomenal successes. Come and learn the
secrets to success. Also, learn about the free
resources that are here to help you
BUSM-147-01FA T
$20.00 371
Empower Your Ability to
Communicate with Everyone!
Most entrepreneurs fail in their ability
to connect effectively with others! They
miss key opportunities to rally the people
and resources around them. Whether it is
customers, employees, suppliers, or bankers,
this amazing class will teach you how to
communicate and inspire those around you.
This is a power tool for networking to get
what you need in business and to create
amazing relationships with customers.
BUSM-169-01FA T
$20.00 371
Managing Your Business Finance
for Profit
This class teaches you the critical basics of
business finance and cash-flow management.
For most new business owners, this is one
of the least understood and most important
principles to long term success. This class
will introduce you to an exciting set of tools
that help you plan and monitor the success
of your company and operations. We will
cover the basics of planning, statements,
cash-flow, how to interpret financial
numbers, what bankers look for, and much
BUSM-150-01FA T
$20.00 371
Introduction to Excel
Learn how to add information, format fonts,
attributes, vertical and horizontal alignment,
rotate text, wrap text, indentation, change
column widths, center across columns.
Add fill color and paint borders around
cells, insert and remove columns and rows,
select all information, delete formatting.
Work in Print Preview, change margins,
paper size, horizontal and vertical centering
on the page. Repeat headings at the top
of each page, adjust the size of the print
without changing font size. Cut, copy, paste,
and auto fill (Jan, Feb, Mar or 1, 2, 3).
Learn basic formulas and formulas to sum
numbers. Most of all learn the tips and tricks
to make you efficient. Book Required.
COMP-107-01FA T
9/15-10/20 $95.00 512
Intermediate Excel
Review Introduction information and tips
and tricks. Create and remove multiple
sheets, change sheet order, name sheets
and color code the sheets. Format multiple
sheets at the same time (group). Use the
format painter to copy formatting, but
not text, use auto format feature, and
conditional formatting. Create formulas
that sum, average, find the largest number
and smallest number. Create formulas that
add between sheets. Lock row and column
headings for scrolling and for printing. Sort
lists, and filter those lists to smaller lists
(automatically). Book Required.
COMP-103-01FA T
11/3-12/8 $95.00 512
Introduction to Word
This course teaches you how to create and
save documents, fonts, alignment, line
spacing, bullets, indents, tabs, print preview,
papers size, margins, use proofing tools, etc.
Learn tips and tricks about selecting text,
copying, and tons of shortcuts that will save
hours. Book Required.
COMP-103-01FA W 6:00PM-9:00PM
9/16-10/21 $95.00 512
Intermediate Word
This course teaches you how to work with
pictures and Word Art, labels, envelopes,
work with styles, table of contents, tables
graphics, headers/footers, and merge
documents. You will also work with charts
and columns. This course also reviews
the basics and shortcuts in Word. Book
COMP-103-01FA W 6:00PM-9:00PM
11/4-12/6 $95.00 512
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