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Bread The Healthy Way!
Healthy Wheat
Think you can’t eat wheat because of all the
negative things you hear about it in popular
culture? Think again! You can eat wheat the
healthy way through traditional preparation
methods of soaking, sprouting and souring
your grains and this course will show
you how. Many folks (not all!) that have
wheat sensitivities can tolerate grains when
prepared this way. Other topics covered
in this class will be the benefits of eating
ancient and heirloom wheats, the benefits
of sourdough baking, as well as milling
and using your own whole grain flour for
optimal nutrition.
COMM-139-01FA TH
$15.00 509
Easy Artisan Bread at Home
Enjoy eating a flavorful crusty loaf of bread
typical of a great bakery? You can create
easy artisan style breads at home! This
course will show you how-with ingredients
you can find at any grocery store and using
equipment most kitchens already have and
easy to follow step by step instructions.
This versatile master dough can be used in
multiple applications, all of which will be
demonstrated and sampled by students. A
great stepping-stone into baking your own
COMM-140-01FA TH
$15.00 509
Sourdough Series
Love that unmistakable tang you get from
tucking in to a fresh loaf of sourdough bread
but haven’t explored baking it yet yourself?
This course series will cover everything
you need to know about sourdough, from
capturing wild yeast and maintaining a
starter to creating lovely flavorful loaves
of all shapes, textures and flavors. From
simple to complex techniques, this course
will provide you with the basic skills you
need to get started in artisan style sourdough
baking. Topics covered but not limited to the
history and health benefits of sourdoughs,
fermentation and time/temperature
manipulation, and shaping and baking tips
and tricks.
COMM-141-01FA TH
$15.00 509
Beginning Sign Language
This course offers basic instruction in
American Sign Language (ASL) and is
geared toward students who are taking a sign
language course for the first time or who
have little or no signing experience. Students
will learn the manual alphabet and develop
a vocabulary of approximately 200 signs.
Students will start to develop both receptive
and expressive skills and will be able to
sign simple, conversational sentences. Book
LANG-100-01FA W 7:00PM-9:00PM
9/15-10/13 $70.00 522
Intermediate Sign Language
This course is a continuation of Beginning
Sign Language. Students are expected to
have a basic knowledge of sign language.
This class will work on increasing
vocabulary and understanding of ASL
grammar as well as receptive skills. The
same book is used as in the beginning Sign
Language class. Book Required.
LANG-101-01FA W 7:00PM-9:00PM
10/20-11/17 $70.00 522
Spanish I
If you are just beginning or if you are
interested in refreshing your Spanish
language skills, this class is for
you. Students will learn vocabulary,
pronunciation, grammar and conjugation in
the present tense. Students will also learn
common phrases and survival Spanish. Book
LANG-102-01FA TTh
9/15-12/3 $75.00 523
Conversational Spanish
Prerequisite: Spanish I or equivalent. This
class is designed for students who have
learned basic Spanish vocabulary, and
conjugations. This class will help with
simple conversations. Each class will have
emphasis on student participation and level
of learning. Book Required
LANG-115-01FA M
9/14-11/30 $75.00 523
Advanced Conversational Spanish
This class is designed for advanced Spanish
students who are looking for a place to
practice and maintain their Spanish skills.
Each class will cover a different topic to be
discussed by the students with an emphasis
on student participation and build new
vocabulary. Book Required
LANG-110-01FA W 7:00PM-9:00PM
9/16-12/2 $75.00 523
Beginning Conversational French
Communicate easily and comfortably with
those who speak French. Learn practical,
common phrases and learn dialogue specific
to various settings.
6 weeks
Start Dates: 3rd Wednesday of each month
Instant Italian
Express yourself comfortably in Italian.
Learn practical, everyday words and phrases
that will make your stay in Italy more
enjoyable or to communicate in Italian in a
variety of settings.
6 weeks
Start Dates: 3rd Wednesday of each month
Music Made Easy
By the time you complete this
comprehensive and full-featured course,
you’ll be able to read, write, and even play
simple musical pieces on a keyboard.
6 weeks
Start Dates: 3rd Wednesday of each month
Personal Growth
Basic Car Care
This class is designed to let you pop the
hood on your car and learn a few simple
steps to keep your automobile running
smoothly. Whether you are a first time
driver, a driver with years of experience on
the road, or are considering a career in the
automotive field, this class is for you. Learn
how to check fluid levels, perform a basic
safety inspection, check tire pressure and
brake wear, and how to change wiper blades
and safely change a flat tire.
AUTO-103-01FA W 7:00PM-9:30PM
$15.00 101
Tapping Into Your Roots
Discover your family’s past and your
personal family heritage. Learn the basics of
genealogy research sources, techniques, and
COMM-109-01FA W 7:00PM-9:00PM
9/16-9/23 $25.00 245
Learn to Buy and Sell on eBay
Learn how to create titles that get noticed,
how to craft advertising that sells and how to
create and upload photos. You’ll also learn
how to safely conduct financial transactions.
6 weeks
Start Dates: 3rd Wednesday of each month
Personal Development
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