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Eastern Idaho Technical College
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Beadweaving – Tubular Peyote
Peyote stitch is an old beadweaving
technique used by many cultures, including
Native Americans and Egyptians. In this
class, you will learn how to form a beaded,
spiraling rope from seed beads. Practice
the technique in class, begin your project,
work on your design at home, and finish
your jewelry in the second class! Tools and
necessary supplies must be provided by
ARTS-187-01FA W 7:00PM-9:00PM
10/7-10/14 $25.00 580
Flame Weave with Round Wire
This is an intermediate to advanced wire
work technique used to create bracelets,
rings, pendants, or even set cabochons!
Students will practice the technique the first
night and work on a project of choice the
second night. Tools and necessary supplies
must be provided by student
ARTS-192-01FA W 7:00PM-9:00PM
10/21-10/28 $25.00 580
Wire Weaving with Viking Knit
Viking knit is an ancient wire weaving
technique that is still used today, most often
in handmade jewelry making. Learn how to
make a finished Viking knit chain for your
pendants, and then learn how to capture
cabochons with the same technique! Tools
and necessary supplies must be provided by
student. Supply list will be provided at the
time of registration.
ARTS-184-01FA W 6:30PM-9:00PM
11/4-11/11 $25.00 580
Stamping in Metal!
A fun beginner technique! Learn how to
stamp your name or a short message on
metal blanks with steel stamps. Instructor
will provide tools - students MUST bring
hearing protection, finishing supplies, and
their own metal blanks (no steel!). Expect
to order stamping blanks online or purchase
in class.
ARTS-193-01FA W 7:00PM-9:00PM
$15.00 580
Binding with Square & Half
Round Wire
This is an advanced class; students should
know basic wire wrapping techniques. This
technique is great for making bracelets,
cuffs, neckwires, and setting cabochons!
Create a bracelet in the first class and
finish your own project in the second. For
cabochons, choose an oval 1-2 inches in
diameter. Tools and necessary supplies must
be provided by student.
ARTS-194-01FA TH
12/3-12/10 $30.00 580
NEC Code Update
This class will cover the significant changes
to the most current National Electrical Code.
No book needed.
APPR-118-01FA S
As Requested $195.00 541
This will be an 8 hr. class looking at the
code requirements for sizing overcurrent
protection, conductors, raceways, and
grounding for transformers and motors. The
2014 NEC Code Book and a calculator are
required for this class.
APPR-121-01FA S
As Requested $100.00 541 Robert T. Baird
Apprentice Journeyman
Electrical Journeyman Test Prep
This course will cover electrical theory,
calculations and NEC. You will set up an
account to work online at your own pace
with the help of one of our instructors.
9-14/12-31 $95
Electrical Apprentice I
This Electrical 1st year course offers 144
hours of classroom instruction on math,
safety, tools of the trade, electrical theory
and testing equipment, intro to the NEC,
raceways, boxes, fittings, conductors,
blueprint reading, commercial, industrial,
and residential wiring. Books Required.
APPR-100-01FA MW 7:00PM-10:00PM
9/14-12/30 $605.00 371
Electrical Apprentice II
Instruction for the 144 hours of second year
electrical apprentice covers: alternating
current, motors, grounding, conduit bending,
boxes & fittings, conductor installations, and
cable tray. It also includes terminators and
splices, installation of electrical services,
circuit breakers and fuses, contractors and
relays, and electric lighting. Books Required.
APPR-101-01FA TTh
9/15-12/31 $605.00 556
Electrical Apprentice III
This Electrical 3rd year course offers 144
hours of classroom instruction on load
calculations, conductor selection and
calculations, over current protection, raceway
box and fitting fill requirements, wiring
devices, distribution system transformers,
and lamps, ballasts, and components. It also
includes motor calculation, maintenance, and
controls. Books Required.
APPR-102-01FA MW 7:00PM-10:00PM
9/14-12/30 $605.00 255
Electrical Apprentice IV
The 144 hours of the fourth year electrical
apprentice includes: NEC purpose,
definitions, and general requirements,
grounded conductors, branch circuits,
feeders, service calculations, overcurrent
protection, grounding and bonding, and
surge arresters, suppressors, and wiring
methods. As well as enclosures, cords,
cables, panels, transformers, and hazardous
locations. Books Required.
APPR-103-01FA TTh
9/15-12/31 $605.00 541
HVAC Apprentice I
The 144 hours of instruction for the
first year HVAC program include: basic
math, basic safety and power tools, basic
electricity, energy sources, basic systems
overview, introduction to code, intro to
applied science, and customer service.
Books Required.
APPR-107-01FA MW 7:00PM-10:00PM
9/14-12/30 $605.00 149
HVAC Apprentice II
The 144 hours of classroom instruction for
the second year HVAC include: appliance
installation, intro to blueprints and
specifications, indoor air quality, fuel piping
and venting, and heat gain and loss. Books
APPR-108-01FA TTh
9/15-12/31 $605.00 255
HVAC Apprentice III
The 144 hours of classroom instruction for
the third year HVAC include: basic controls,
system air flow and duct sizing, basic air
conditioning and refrigeration, intro to
hydronics, basic sheet metal, and intro to
service. Book Required.
APPR-109-01FA TTh
9/15-12/31 $605.00 255
HVAC Apprentice IV
The 144 hours of classroom instruction for
the fourth year HVAC program include:
intro to testing and air balance, intro to
HVAC control strategies, advanced air
conditioning and heat pumps, advanced
service, system integration and design,
code review and project management. Book
APPR-110-01FA TTh
9/15-12/31 $605.00 255
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