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Know Your Learning Styles

Everyone has different preferences when it comes to learning. An advantage to knowing your learning style is that you can try to obtain media that works best for you. Your instructor may be able to provide or recommend supplemental materials, or you may be able to find some on the Web or with the help of a Librarian.

As you review the learning styles below, think about what your learning style might be.

Learning Styles

There are many different theories about learning styles. One popular theory asserts that there are three basic learning styles: visual, kinesthetic and auditory. The descriptions below explain how an online student with each learning style preference might interact with online course materials.

Visual Learners learn best from visual objects like graphs, charts and pictures. In an online class they may like a lot of graphics to help them process text-based information. These can be in the form of simple pictures or more complex charts, animations, videos, diagrams and maps. Visual learners may use diagrams, or color-coded notes and flash cards to help them organize their thoughts.

Kinesthetic Learners express themselves through movement. In an online course they may like to click the mouse and move things around. In an online class kinesthetic learners learn well through manipulating models. It helps some kinesthetic learners to incorporate movement into their study routine and physically write things down, study while standing, or participate in fieldwork to help them retain information.

Auditory Learners learn best through hearing and speaking. They often prefer to be told how to do things verbally, and then summarize what they have learned out loud. Auditory learners may prefer sound files, recorded lectures or video clips in a web-based course. Chat rooms and bulletin boards work well for auditory learners because they learn by discussing. Some auditory learners find it helps to read their textbooks aloud.

Take a Learning Styles Evaluation
You can find free learning styles tests online. Type learning styles test into a search engine and you will find several.

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