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Many online students find it hard to stay motivated without the physical presence of classmates and in class prompting by instructors. It can be challenging when you feel like you're working on your own all the time. Be prepared and plan ways to stay motivated before you get behind in your course work.

Tips to Help You Stay Motivated

If you’re prone to putting off work, set some definite goals for yourself and stick to them.

Schedule in rewards. Your midterms week is a nightmare, but it will all be over Friday. Schedule something fun for yourself, take some time off or allow yourself some small indulgence.

Study Environment
Create an ideal study environment. Some students need absolute silence, while others can’t seem to concentrate without music in the background. No matter what your preference is, you’ll make much better use of your time in the right environment. If you can’t escape in-home interruptions, try the library or a coffee shop.

Connect with your classmates
Participate in class discussions and get to know your classmates. Watching their progress can help motivate you to keep up.

Chart your progress
Keep a list of tasks you need to complete each week and cross them off as you complete them. There’s a certain satisfaction that comes with watching your goals be accomplished. When times get hard, you can always turn to your chart and see how far you’ve come.

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