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Student Right To Know

Student Right To Know

Student Consumer Information

Academic Honesty

Academic honesty mandates the use of one's own thoughts and materials in writing papers, taking tests, and in other classroom, or shop/lab related activities. Students who aid others in any infraction of academic honesty are considered equally guilty.

Unauthorized use of another individual's notes or materials, plagiarism, copying during tests, or unauthorized prior knowledge of tests, quizzes, or taking other unfair advantage shall be considered a violation of the Academic Honesty Policy.

When students are asked to submit individual work, they are expected to do so. When students are assigned to work together on a project, it is not considered a breach of academic honesty for them to gain from each other's experience and to share ideas.

The concept of academic honesty is designed to assure a uniform standard against which to evaluate all students and to prevent cheating. Students are expected to report infractions to their instructors.

Violation of this policy may lead to suspension from the college.
2010-2011 Catalog

Copyright Infringement Policy

Policy 221 - Intellectual Property, Property
Rights, and Conflict of Interest

Rev: October 2006


College of Eastern Idaho recognizes that in the course of events that CEI faculty and staff may develop copyrightable work, patentable work, or intellectual property. CEI encourages discovery and adheres to the Idaho State Board of Education guidelines governing this matter.


Refer to State Board of Education policy (V-M, Financial Affairs, Intellectual Property).

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Student Right To Know

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