General Education

Our division is committed to supporting and preparing students for their professional technical, transfer to four-year institutions, programs, citizenship, and employment. We do this by offering quality instruction in the social sciences, arts and humanities, mathematics, sciences, and both written and oral communication, along with electives that put students on a path to transfer or meaningful work. All general education credits will transfer to other state colleges or universities and regularly out of state. For students who may decide to pursue a higher degree, this is an essential component of proactive educational planning and lifelong learning.

General Education faculty members are experts in their field of instruction and dedicated to making their classes interesting and relevant, to ensure students develop the critical thinking skills necessary to succeed in their programs and in life.

Way of Knowing (WOK) Review Committee

WOK Assessment February 2019 (PDF)

The Way of Knowing (WOK) Review Committee assesses how well classes satisfy the requirement for the State of Idaho GEM Core Classes. The committee also assesses how the WOK serves the college mission and core themes. The Committee will give recommendations for continuous improvement for the WOK/department by following the Plan, Do, Study, Act cycle. They will set long-term goals and identify how those goals will be measured.



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CEI General Education
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